3 tips for dealing with residential paperwork

Moving home is certainly one of life’s biggest stresses, but moving abroad can be even more daunting, and knowing the relevant information is half the battle. It is time to understand all the different procedures that are practised in your new country.

Sign immediately

You should sign your rental agreement as soon as you arrive and try to arrange to take over the electricity and gas accounts from the previous tenant if possible. If not, then you will have to make an appointment with the suppliers to have the accounts activated, and this could take some time. You will need to show some form of identity, a passport might be enough, but some utility companies insist on a residence permit.

Book a space

Once you are all set to move into a house or apartment in Brussels, you normally need to reserve a parking space in front of the building for the removal van. Find out which local police station handles parking in your neighbourhood and go along several days ahead of the move to book the space. Make sure you have a contact number to call in case there are still cars using the space on the day you move.

Give the correct notice

If you are moving from a Belgian property, than be aware that written notice is often required for the three-month period before breaking your apartment lease or in order to close your contracts with utility companies. Most do not accept notifications by email, only by post, so be sure to send a tracked, registered letter and keep proof of postage – just in case!

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