2 ways your healthcare is reimbursed

Once you have picked your mutuelle/ziekenfonds and waited the six months required, you are able to request reimbursement for prescriptions and treatments. It is important to remember however, that you won’t be reimbursed for the full amount paid, it will be a percentage of the cost which will be returned to you. It is your responsibility to keep your personal details (name, address, employment) up to date with you insurance fund.

Doctor, dentist or specialist appointments

Your consultant will provide you with a document at the end of your of your appointment. You will then need to add an identification sticker (which are provided by your fund) to it and send it to your mutuelle. It is advisable to use recorded delivery and to keep a proof of postage – just in case. You might even prefer to send several receipts in one batch.

Chemists and hospitals

To collect prescriptions or for hospital appointments you need to present your ID card (previously you would need to show your SIS card), so again, you have to make sure you have registered in Belgium initially.

When visiting the chemist, ask whether it is possible that they bill your health fund directly. If not, then be sure you keep copies of receipts and all documentation that you send to your insurance providers.

If you spend time in hospital, you generally will pay a set daily accommodation fee – this could be before your stay or once discharged. However, usually the hospital will forward all bills on to your mutuelle or will then contact you.

(photocredits: Edar)


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