4 tips for working at home

For those who are not wishing to venture into co-working just yet, it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated if you work from home. Deadlines, distractions, as many coffee breaks as you like – it is easy to soon become highly skilled in procrastination.

Separate your workspace

One of the main problems when working from home can be separating your ‘home life’ from your work. If you have space to have a totally separate office room, this will allow you to surround yourself with only work related items and give you that specific working area, away from the living quarters of your home where you can focus on what you need to get done. If space is an issue, then arrange a designated working area, with desk, lamp and whatever else you need.

Keep a routine

If you are not following the standard 9-5 working hours, it is vital that you set yourself a schedule so you know when you are devoting your time to work, and when you have your free time. Before you sit down to work, identify a time where you will give yourself a break to grab a coffee, make a personal call or have a bite to eat. This will give you a specific time to work towards. Write down exactly what you want to achieve before each break, so you work quickly and efficiently.

Change your environment

There are of course days where you might want a change of scene, and fortunately there are plenty of cafes offering free Wi-Fi and plenty of coffee and snacks to keep you motivated.

For authentic Ethiopian coffee head down to Aksum Coffee House on Rue des Éperonniers and enjoy the wall art from African artists. You can even buy some of your favourite beans to take away with you. If you are after a healthy selection of nibbles to keep you going, why not try one of the several Natural Caffes located around the city? Or if you just fancy a splendid view to accompany some internet-free work, reading, writing or brainstorming, check out the MIM restaurant and let your creative flow run free.

Make sure you meet new people

When you are a lone worker, it’s not always easy to meet new people, but by spending some of your working hours in an environment outside of your home office, you could meet other people who are in the same situation. 

Or you could read about our top 12 places for co-working in Brussels and beyond, as the perfect alternative to the home office.

Websites such as and Facebook groups like Cheeseweb, Brussels Expats, Brusselslife provide details of events, clubs and networking events, many of which are held on a weekly or monthly basis; perfect to help you get to know new people both within and outside of your professional sphere.

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