5 fun and alternative city trips outside Brussels

Sometimes it is hard to find a compromise with others when planning a trip away from home; will everyone enjoy it? Has anybody done it before? But here we have some different and alternative ways of getting away from Brussels and exploring the rest of what Belgium has to offer!


Segway Tour

Spice up your visit to Bruges by exploring it on a Segway – a motorised, upright scooter-type vehicle. If you’ve never been on one before, there’s even a little initiation included before the tour starts. It’s said to be a highly intuitive experience and most people enjoy the novel way of travelling as much as the sights they get to see.

Cost: €35/€50

Balloon Tour

For the more adventurous tourist, skip the canals and choose to see Bruges from above by hot-air balloon. With magnificent views of both the city and the coast, a balloon ride is a magical experience; and we’re assured that even nervous fliers are put at ease once airborne. Each balloon can take a maximum of 10 people, but you can also book a romantic trip for just two.

Cost: €170/person


Ghost Tour

You’ve gone shopping in Antwerp, strolled down the Meir in the bright light of day, but have you seen the city by night? Antwerp Ghost Walk takes you on a chilling discovery of the darker side to the city. This four-kilometre tour is introduced by local historians and inspired by the Anglo-Saxon tradition of ghost walks.

Cost: €10





World War II Tour

Reg Jans’ tours of the Battle of the Bulge and Bastogne battlefield sites are highly acclaimed.  Describing himself as a researcher and not an historian, his knowledge of World War II has nonetheless won him a legion of fans from around the world.

Cost: varies according to tour




Jogging Tour

For those who want to combine sightseeing with exercise, City Running Ghent is the perfect fit. The brainchild of Ghent native Wim Van de Putte, joggers can get to know the culture, architecture and history of the city while pounding its streets on this one-hour tour.

Cost: €10


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