Finding your dream job in Belgium, part 2

Social media is a very quick, cheap and easy form of recruiting. So make sure to update your LinkedIn profile and begin networking with potential Belgian employers.

Go to LinkedIn’s careers section and you'll find hundreds of job announcements for Brussels (often posted only on LinkedIn and nowhere else). Employers also like to post their job announcements on Facebook and Twitter. Begin your search by using hashtags like #job and #Brussels, followed by a hashtag of the domain you want to work in (#comm, #HR, #dev).

Belgian job sites and employment agencies

Many Belgian companies recruit expats for their international departments and projects. Although they usually prefer you to be able to speak Dutch or French in addition to English, exceptions can be made (and often are). Jobat and Stepping Stone have the largest number of employment offers across Belgium.

Another way of finding a job in a Belgian company or organisation is through Belgium’s three regional employment offices.

  • Ÿ Actiris for the Brussels-Capital Region
  • Ÿ Forem for Wallonia
  • Ÿ VDAB for Flanders.

These not only publish job offers but can also help when it comes to applying for unemployment benefits. They also propose a variety of free vocational coursework and trainings (including language courses) to help get you back on track towards your dream job.

International schools

International schools may be an interesting source of employment for teachers who don’t speak French or Dutch and are unable to teach at Belgian schools. They teach the children of expat workers in Brussels, where they can receive their education in many languages. English is studied by almost all pupils. Language teachers in general are always in demand.

Spontaneous applications

Spontaneous applications are often overlooked when searching for employment, and yet one in four job seekers succeed in getting hired from this age-old method. Employers figure that if you took the time to research them and prepare an application, you’re probably equally motivated to work hard for them.


Another great way to land a job is by networking. Word of mouth spreads fast in Brussels' social networks. Let people know you are job-hunting. Some jobs are never advertised, or may start off as a temporary opening, and you might be lucky enough to be able to step in, especially if they are looking to hire immediately.

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