Hiring and dismissing employees in Belgium

When you run your own business, there naturally comes a time when you need to think about taking on help

When you run your own business, there naturally comes a time when you need to think about taking on help. Whether you’re looking at hiring one or several employees, there’s plenty to take into account before you advertise for new recruits.   

When I hire for the first time, can I benefit from reductions?

If you are an employer in Belgium hiring for the first time, you are eligible for considerable reductions in the social security contributions for the first five salaried workers you employ, for a five-year period.

How can I terminate an employment contract?

Both the employer and employee can, at any time, terminate a permanent contract taking into account the correct notice period, calculated on the basis of the employee’s position and time spent working for the company. For an employee choosing to resign, the notice period is half that which the employer has to adhere to in case of dismissal. The employer may, however, terminate the contract with immediate effect. In this case, (s)he must pay a compensation equal to the wage that would have been paid had the full notice period been observed.

Do I need to offer a trial period?

No. There is no longer a trial period for employment contracts started on the 1 of January 2014 or after. However, notice periods have been significantly reduced. If an employer terminates a contract in the first three months, the notice period is only two weeks.

For more information and advice on adding to your team, contact Hughes Thibaut, International Affairs Manger at Group S –, +32.2.507.18.80

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