Social security and benefits in Belgium

Make sure you are ahead of the game and know your entitlements, what you need to pay and what you’re covered for

Every country has a different healthcare and social security system and the chances are that Belgium’s won’t be the same as what you experienced back home. Make sure you are ahead of the game and know your entitlements, what you need to pay and what you’re covered for – sooner rather than later. 


In case of incapacity for work, an employee (white-collar worker) will receive 100% of their earnings for the first 30 days, which will be paid by his or her employer. After this time, (s)he will receive 60% of earnings, up to a certain maximum, paid by their health insurance fund.

Social security benefits

Anyone who is subject to the social security system and pays social contributions has access to a social protection scheme, which includes paid leave, disability benefits, unemployment benefits, maternity leave and a retirement pension.

Child benefits

All employees subject to the Belgian social security system and who have dependent children are entitled to child benefit. A request will need to be submitted through the employer who has to affiliate with a child benefit fund. The employee will then receive child benefit through the child benefit fund with which his or her employer is affiliated.

Health insurance policy

In Belgium, any employee has to take out a health insurance policy in order to be reimbursed for healthcare costs. Moreover, the health insurance funds are also charged with paying benefits to employees in case of incapacity. 

Employment benefits 

Benefits such as lunch vouchers, a smartphone, hospital insurance and company car are, under certain conditions, exempt from social security contributions and taxes. These are deemed as net benefits for employees.

Want to know more about social security entitlements and what the best option is for you? Contact Hughes Thibaut, International Affairs Manager at Group S –, +32.2.507.18.80


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