Newcomer Q&A: Aleksandar (Croatia)

Aleksandar Kostadinov is a Croatian TV producer and music journalist who settled with his family in Brussels in January. We find out how he’s getting on…

What brought you to Brussels?

My wife got a job here, so the family follows her. That's the basic reason, so now I'm trying to find all the good reasons why I came here. Every day I find a new good reason why I'm here in Brussels.

What was your very first impression of Brussels?

It's a town without a lot of skyscrapers, which I like. Also, the size of it is like Zagreb, so I feel almost familiar here.

What were you doing beforehand?

I was a television producer, last season I was working as brand manager for the Voice of Croatia. I covered all the Croatian Eurovision Song Contests, which is now, I think, the 25th year or something. I started as a lawyer but only for a year before I quit, and then I started the media work, and I'm quite happy for many decades now. As a music journalist and television presenter, I travelled around the world. I travelled to London, where I did a lot of interviews with David Bowie to James Brown to Van Morrison.

Croatia is the newest addition to the EU family. Do you know many other Croatians who have taken the move here?

I know quite a few of them, actually, we are now at a place where my neighbours are from Croatia, working at the EU parliament.

Can you tell us a little bit about your neighbourhood?

I live near Place Brugmann, a very nice square here in Brussels. I like it so much, there are some places where I spend a lot of time, it’s got nice restaurants, cafes and so on. I live on Avenue Molière. I like it here.

What was it like finding a home in Brussels – how complicated was it?

It was a heavy-duty task, because whatever I found, there was some problem. It was either bloody expensive, or when I found somewhere I really liked, someone else came in and the landlord chose them. It’s a matter of luck to find somewhere you would like to live.

Have you encountered any problems with the Belgian administration?

Luckily I’m a lawyer, so I’m used to a lot of contracts and things like that. What’s surprising me is that you should wait for quite a long time to do something, for me I was ready to do it tomorrow, but it allowed me to prepare myself, to go somewhere or bring something. It’s nice to know that it’s always so well-organised.

How are your children finding Brussels?

The first day we were driving to school they were wondering what will happen, it’s a new situation. But when they came home from school, everything was all right. So we don’t talk about school as any kind of problem, we just talk about what happened in school, what goes on and what was for lunch.


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