English-speaking Scout troups

Brussels and the surrounding area has several groups of scouts for children who speak English

Scouting is a popular activity for children in Belgium. If you have an English-speaking child, don’t worry, he or she is not left out of the fun!

Brussels and the surrounding area has several groups of scouts for children who speak English, either because they attend English-speaking school or because they speak English at home with at least one parent.

The English-speaking 1st Brussels Scout group in Tevuren, which is a member of the British Scouting Overseas section of the UK Scout Association, recently celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Together with its sister sections, the 1st Waterloo Scouts and the Brussels Central Sections in Brussels itself, this collection of groups welcomes boys and girls from six to 18 years old to build, camp, hike and explore with other English-speaking children in their region.

How to become a scout or participate as an adult?

If your child would like to be a Scout, best apply early. The English-speaking troops are in high demand and there is usually a waiting list for your child to be accepted. You can already put your son or daughter’s name on the waiting list as early as four years old, although they cannot join until they are six.

Make sure you apply to the group nearest your home, as local children will be selected first. Also, if you yourself can volunteer your time as a leader or helper, your child will get priority over other children.

Alternatives to scouts

If there is no place left for your child this year in scouts, there are a couple alternatives. For boys, the Boy Scouts of America have three troops in Waterloo, Brussels and Mons. For girls, there are also 11 Girlguiding units that welcome over 120 English-speaking female children ages five to 18 across the Brussels and Waterloo regions. 


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