What to do after your baby is born

Congratulations, now you have a baby! Now you likely have a whole new set of questions to be answered.

Congratulations, now you have a baby! Now you likely have a whole new set of questions to be answered.

Once again, ONE, K&G and BCT are the places to turn, as all have excellent post-birth services to help adjust to your new housemate and work out some of the technical kinks. These include breast- and bottle feeding support and even trainings on how to handle cloth nappies.

ONE or K&G, depending on where you live, will also be who you turn to post-natal medical care. They have consultation clinics all over Belgium and provide free medical services to children zero to six years old. They also provide home visits.

When your baby is born, you’ll get a small booklet (the carnet de l’enfant) that will be a record of his or her physical development, medical history and vaccinations. You’ll need to take this booklet with you to every check up. 

Making it official – registration

As a last formality as you settle into life with your new baby, you will need to register his or her birth with the commune within 15 days. Note, however, that while it make feel less than intuitive, you should register the child with the commune in which she was born – so where the hospital is – and not the commune of your home address.

It’s a Belgian!…maybe

A quick trip to the town hall should solve all of that, and, voilà, you have an official Belgian resident. She is not, however, necessarily Belgian. According to the law, simply being born in the country does not automatically grant one Belgian nationality.

There are several criteria that may or may not make a child a Belgian. One of particular note if neither parents holds Belgian nationality is that you as a parent can only request Belgian nationality for the child if Belgium has been your main residence for the 10 years preceding the child’s birth.


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