Eating out: Fresh, organic and trendy restaurants in Brussels

In addition to gastronomic, brasserie and regional specialities, Brussels’ chefs are happy to explore new eating trends that reflect the city’s melting-pot cultures. From the slow food movement, communal tables, to the best local (often organic) products at reasonable prices, you’ll find a wealth of new places providing fresh, innovative cuisine in a relaxed, very social atmosphere. Here are some of our favourites.

Les Filles

Based in a four-storey 19th-century townhouse in the Dansaert area in central Brussels, a grand staircase in leads up to large dining rooms furnished with communal tables, and bathed in light from ample windows with a view of a landscaped pond. One-price lunch, brunch or dinner of lovingly produced locally sourced food. Peaceful and invigorating at the same time. The address includes a concept store and cooking class atelier.
46 Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains, Centre

Mo Mo

Momos are delicious Tibetan/Nepali dumplings made with wheat flour and various fillings served steamed, fried or in broth, and until recently not easily available in Europe. Lhamo has brought them to Brussels in her small but airy restaurant where she serenely oversees her staff of Tibetan women who are former political prisoners. They make the dumplings to order. Communal or counter seating.
27 Rue Defacqz, Ixelles

Mer du Nord/Noord Zee

Once only known to locals, the fish shop's original Sainte-Catherine street corner counter location serves the freshest seafood as gourmet street food prepared on-the-spot – grilled fish and prawns, fried calamari and scampi, seafood sandwiches, burgers and a new oyster bar. For a quick snack, order the Kibbeling, handmade fish sticks with the best fresh ingredients, deep fried to order and served with homemade tartar sauce. Closed July 17-August 8.
45 Rue Sainte-Catherine and 62-64 Rue du Luxembourg, Centre

King Kong

A trendy Peruvian joint serving a limited but finger-licking fast-food menu. Choose a hot or cold sandwich – the hamburger and chicken mayonnaise come highly recommended – and opt for a side such as the yuca chips or mixed bean salad. If you’re there around lunchtime, go for the rotisserie chicken, with potato salad and apple sauce. Enjoy the jungle interior!
227 Chaussée de Charleroi, Saint-Gilles

Henri & Agnès

Located in a townhouse in the European quarter; you order on the ground floor then make your way up to the terrace on the fifth floor to enjoy your meal with a view. Organic produce turned into innovative but subtle dishes: beetroot mousse with pomegranate, cauliflower, turmeric and almond soup – not to mention some fabulous desserts.
48 Rue Véronèse, Centre


Egg and pancake breakfasts with all the trimmings, and for lunch, naan stuffed with a wide variety of ingredients including tahini, mustard and chive sauce, caramelised Belgian endive, radicchio or dried mango.
4-6 Rue du Bon Secours, Centre

Au Bon Bol

If you are a noodle fan and you are familiar with the wonder of freshly handmade Chinese noodles, then you've come to the right place. Most days of the week you can watch the chef, Mr Wu, stretching the dough as he makes noodles. Large servings at very reasonable prices.
9 Rue Paul Devaux, Centre

Eat Brussels! Drink Bordeaux!
In the peerless setting of the Royal Park, dozens of top Brussels chefs will be offering their signature dishes which you can sample while using your wine pass to taste the magnificent array of wines the Bordeaux region has to offer. Participate in workshops or just stroll among the gourmet stands and discover products from the best European craftsmen and confectioners.
8-11 September, Royal Park, Centre

European Canteen
This initiative consists of 70 modular tables that will regularly move around this summer in seven public spaces in the European quarter. The aim is to invite tourists, Europeans and Bruxellois to share a table for a drink, a lunch and a conversation. Participate in a BBQ or simply share sandwiches, but most importantly, meet people. Closed in August.


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