A brand new shopping district in the heart of Brussels

Docks Bruxsel is a Shopping District that guarantees an unseen urban experience, combining leisure, shopping, food, culture and entertainment. Its innovative and eco-friendly architecture gives it a cheerful, laid back atmosphere, making it the ideal place to get together and have fun. Located in the heart of the old industrial area of Brussels, Docks Bruxsel is easy to get to by all forms of transport (train, tram, bus, bike, foot, car).


What does Docks Bruxsel offer?

  • A unique mix where you can shop, have fun, take in some culture, eat, work, relax and chill. 
  • A friendly, airy, comfortable and authentically urban feel, bathed in sunlight with indoor
    and outdoor spaces.
  • Ambitious, original and eco-friendly architecture.
  • A site with a strong link to Brussels’ industrial past.
  • Easy access for public transport users, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.
  • An easy 2-level car park.
  • Connections to all types of digital technology throughout to enhance your shopping and leisure
  • A multitude of services such as personal shoppers, Docks Bruxsel gift card, membership card,
    smart boxes for online purchases …


Docks Bruxsel dresses large and small, fashionistas and cute kids, offering family essentials and high-end brands, as well as several chains that aren’t often seen in shopping centres. You can also find local and international brands such as Michael Kors, Liu Jo and Samsung, and discover their original concepts and flagship stores.


The people of Brussels are food lovers who enjoy sitting around a table enjoying a drink or one of the city’s typical dishes. The cafés and restaurants are the perfect spot to meet up and relax over a leisurely lunch, drinks with friends or a romantic dinner, from early in the morning to late at night.


Whether you’re a thrill seeker or more faint-hearted, Docks Bruxsel has something for you. Koezio, the new indoor leisure park, welcomes adventurers, and film lovers will be pleased to discover the Belga Films VIP cinema. Acrobats and street musicians will also be putting in an appearance from time to time as part of Docks Bruxsel’s year-round entertainment programme.


Music, cinema and shows have always been part of the Brussels way of life. Movie fans can choose from 8 cinema screens, while the event space plays host to a range of fairs, exhibitions, concerts and shows. In the Espace Godin, history lovers can immerse themselves in Brussels’ industrial heritage. Integration of renovated sections of a major industrial site into the Shopping District is a main feature of Docks Bruxsel.


At Docks Bruxsel, there’s something for all ages, from the youngest children upwards. The outdoor spaces and playground give young and old alike the chance to stretch their legs. Facilities for the youngest visitors (free baby strollers, nursery area and free toilet) help to make a visit to Docks Bruxsel a real pleasure.


Where can you find it:  Address: Boulevard Lambermont 1 – 1000 Brussels

Docks Bruxsel is easily accessible by all means of transport.

  • Tram (3 and 7) and bus (47 and 58 ); Docks Bruxsel has two stops.
  • Train: Schaerbeek train station is 10 minutes away on foot. There are safe routes for pedestrians.
  • Bike: 200 spaces including a Villo station with 40 spaces and parking for 160 bikes, a charging
    point for electric bikes and a bicycle service station.
  • River shuttle: The Waterbus arrival platform is just in front of Docks Bruxsel. Children love taking
    the boat from the centre of Brussels.
  • Car: 10 minutes from Strombeek-Bever, Laeken, Jette, Neder-over-Heembeek, Haren,
    Evere,Machelen, Zaventem, Vilvoorde and Brussels city centre.
  • Parking for Cambio carsharing, 1700 regular parking spaces, charging points for electric cars

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