5 sites to help you find a home in Belgium

These websites will help you in your property search

The top 5 websites to find a new home

To find a new home, you can begin by consulting housing announcements online as well as in the classified wall posts of bookstores, supermarkets and night shops. However, the internet provides a wider scope of what is available in your budget and preferred location. Here are 5 of the best websites to help you find the property of your dreams.
Easy to navigate, ImmoVlan offers an interactive map for a fast flat search. Click on it and you’ll find flats to rent flagged around Brussels; once you spot one in the right area you simply zoom in to find out more. A useful scroll bar on one side of the screen allows you to search according to number of rooms, price or surface area. The drawback? The site doesn’t make it easy to contact the landlord or the agent directly.
Immoweb might not be as fast and fun to use as ImmoVlan, but it caters better than other search engines for those on a low budget (though properties in the very high price bracket are featured here, too). A search for a studio for less than €600 a month in a single commune of Brussels alone can turn up several pages of results. Also, new ads are posted on the site daily, which means there’s always plenty to choose from.
Don’t be misled by the name: EU-rentals has more on offer than just dwellings for so-called eurocrats. The site’s not as professional-looking as ImmoVlan, but it is very straightforward to use. The prices vary but you can find a studio here at a competitive rate. There’s also a section dedicated to rooms to rent and, unlike many other sites, it offers numerous short-term lets and even a few bed and breakfast options.
Just as the name suggests, this website is dedicated to those looking to share a room in a house or an apartment. Although it looks interactive, be warned: it is not easy to get in contact with others looking for similar offers, unless you’re prepared to pay a membership fee. If you’re in a hurry to find a room to rent in a shared house, this may not be for you. Even after you’ve made contact, potential housemates will still have to agree whether they want to let you share their home.
Like ImmoVlan, Zimmo rates highly for website usability. You can search for a flat via its interactive map, which allows you to navigate the streets of the city to see what rental offers are available in your ideal area of town. This is a much faster way of checking your zone of preference than those offered by most classic sites. As yet, though, its rental range is not as extensive as Immoweb’s


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