4 relocation agencies in Brussels

There are several excellent relocation agencies in Brussels who will take the stress out of moving for you

A helping hand

If you need a helping hand in order to ensure your move is smooth and without issue, there are several excellent relocation agencies in Brussels who will take the stress out of moving for you. Here are some of our favourites.

The Brilliant Relocation Center (BRC) –​

The Brilliant Relocation Centre offers extensive personalised packages including services such as pre-move counseling, cultural awareness training and help choosing a home, school and car.

Transworld International –

Transworld International, based in Overijse near Brussels, offers lots of interesting information on its website and specialises in all an expat and their family needs: tailored relocation services, moving and storage.

ABC Relocation –

ABC Relocation will help you to find your ideal property, local schools and discuss what you want to get out of your move to Belgium. They also offer an Orientation Tour to help you get settled in and feel at home.

Art of Living –

Art of Living offers a range of services including help with permit and immigration administration, cross-cultural training and assistance with the practicalities of moving countries.

Keeping organised

No matter what kind of organiser you are, your checklist for moving house should be tailored to suit your individual needs. For those who function best using a timeline, Dockx Movers offers a checklist organised by month, week and day. For those who like an extensive guide, Gosselin offers a step-by-step explanation., and offer detailed lists to help you with your planning. However, do note that choosing the English version of these websites often means getting only a fraction of the information and it can often be beneficial to put those French or Dutch only pages through an online translator. 


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