How do I import a car into Belgium?

If you want to import your own car, the shipper will inform you of the formalities.

Alternatively, you can drive here and begin proceedings once you are registered with your commune.

No import tax is due on cars more than six months old or with more than 6,000km on the clock. You must have a European certificate of conformity for the car, which must pass the roadworthiness test (known as contrôle technique or technische keuring) and be insured with a Belgian insurer.

Customs will stamp your insurance at the border and give you a “705” sticker. Once you have all the documents, send them to the DIV and you'll get your Belgian registration plate within a few days.

Alternatively, you can buy a new car from another EU country and import it, although you'll only save money on certain models. Procedures are as above for old cars, plus you must pay 21% VAT.

You can delay payment of VAT on a car bought in Belgium for a pre-determined period by getting transit plates from the DIV. You may apply to have the period extended, but the authorities might refuse. Either way, you'll have to pay VAT when you take the car out of the country and into another.


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