9 rules of the road for safe driving in Belgium

How to stay safe on Belgian roads.

Belgium monitors road safety through speed checks, breathalyser tests (the legal blood alcohol limit is 0.5%) and blood testing for suspected drug users. Penalties include tough fines or loss of licence.

An important cause of accidents is confusion around the “priority to the right” rule, so make sure you understand this properly and familiarise yourself with white triangles painted on the incoming road or a yellow and white diamond sign to your right as you approach a junction.

Always use your indicators, especially on the motorway, even if you notice other drivers neglecting this duty.

Never overtake on the inside on the motorway, even if someone else does it to you.

The speed limits on motorways are minimum 70kph and maximum 120kph.

Seatbelts front and rear are obligatory, and children shorter than 1.35m must travel in an appropriate car seat.

Buses have priority, provided they have signalled, and trams always have priority.

Pedestrians always have right of way over cars at zebra crossings.

If you have a serious accident, first get the contact details of any witnesses and then fill in the mandatory constat d'accident/bevindingen van ongeval form, which should be in your glove compartment at all times.


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