Some tips on using taxis

Taxis can be found in all main cities and towns.

The tip is included in the meter price, but most people round up the fare to the nearest euro. In Brussels, taxis must be able to provide printed receipts. Watch out for unlicensed taxis, which can be overpriced at best, and dangerous at worst. Licensed taxis in Brussels are black with a line of yellow squares along the side.

The city also runs a shared taxi service called Collecto that runs from 11.00 to 6.00 and costs €5-€6 per person. Book by calling 02.800.36.36, and go to the pick-up point at one of 200 STIB/MIVB stops.

Uber still operates in Brussels, but its cheap and cheerful UberPOP option was declared illegal following a court order in September 2015. In anticipation of this expected verdict, the company introduced UberX, which features professional drivers and higher prices. They continue to lobby to be allowed to operate in the capital so keep an eye out for developments in the local news.

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