Bike-sharing schemes in Brussels and beyond

There are well-established bike-sharing schemes in Brussels, Namur and Antwerp.

Villo is Brussels' city bike system, with 180 stations all over the city. To get a bike, you can either purchase a ticket at the bike terminal (valid for one day or seven days, and the first half an hour is free) or you can sign up for an annual subscription. As with Cambio, holders of Mobib cards can use their card for the Villo system.

Namur's Li Bia Velo and Antwerp's Velo Antwerpen operate in pretty much the same way, and the tariffs are similar.

Blue Bike is a bike rental system managed by SNCB/NMBS, and is designed to help railway travellers cover the “last mile” – the journey from the train station to their final destination.

You can find rental stations beside train stations in about 40 Belgian cities. To use it, you first have to sign up for a subscription (€10 per year) either online or at one of 12 bike points (Point Vélo in French, Fietspunt in Dutch). It costs about €3 for a bike and it's valid for 24 hours.

Walking instead of cycling

Walking is a valid mobility option for most of Belgium's cities. Thanks to congestion and a general push to improve air quality, Brussels is implementing a strategic plan for pedestrians and walkways are becoming increasingly user-friendly.

Nowhere is this more evident than the large-scale pedestrianisation plans. The big one – a swathe of foot- and bike-friendly real estate that cuts through the city centre – was launched in June 2015, though sections have since been returned to traffic.

There are other major plans in the works; the area around Schuman roundabout will be partly pedestrianised from this year and Chaussée d'Ixelles is due to be closed to cars from 2018.


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