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Living and working in Brussels? There’s no better way to travel than using the STIB-MIVB network!

The Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles or Maatschappij voor het Intercommunaal Vervoer te Brussel, better known as STIB-MIVB, is the main public transport operator in Brussels.

Thanks to our underground, tram and bus lines, our network can take you to the four corners of the city each and every day. Unlike many other cities, STIB-MIVB trams, buses and metros form one and the same network. So you can switch easily from one to the other with the same ticket.

Day, evening and night lines

Most of our lines run from Monday to Sunday, from 5am to past midnight. Some lines, however, are only operated in the evenings or on weekends. For more information on our lines, visit our website

The right medium for the right ticket

To make travelling easier, STIB-MIVB introduced the MOBIB card. On this reloadable card, you can charge all of our transport tickets to travel easily and fast in Brussels. Because we introduced this card, we also reduced our offer of paper tickets.

  • Personal MOBIB card: for daily and regular travellers. The personal MOBIB is a card on which you can reload every type of fare, season tickets included. The nominative MOBIB card is strictly personal, so you cannot lend it to a third party. A MOBIB card costs €5 and has a validity period of five years.
  • MOBIB Basic card: for occasional travellers and tourists. The MOBIB Basic is an anonymous and reloadable card. You can only load ticket information, not nominative tickets or season tickets. The MOBIB Basic card is anonymous, so you are free to lend it to a third party. A MOBIB card costs € 5 and has a validity period of 5 years.
  • Paper tickets: STIB-MIVB offers you four mobility solutions in the shape of paper magnetic tickets. These are convenient if you only use public transport once in a while or if you occasionally have to go to the airport. The tickets we offer are STIB single fare, STIB 24h, 1 journey BUS Airport and the train “+” ticket.

Choose the ticket best suited to your needs

STIB-MIVB offers a wide range of transport tickets, all of them designed to suit your needs the best way possible. Below, you will find a small selection of our most important tickets. The entire list is available on our website.

  • JUMP single fare: valid on the entire STIB-MIVB* network and on the Brussels De Lijn, TEC and the NMBS-SNCB urban networks with possibility to change between lines**.
  • JUMP 10 journeys: valid on the entire STIB-MIVB* network and on the Brussels De Lijn, TEC and the NMBS-SNCB urban networks with possibility to change between lines.
  • JUMP 24h-48h-72h: unlimited access to the entire STIB-MIVB network and to the Brussels De Lijn, TEC and NMBS-SNCB urban networks during a 24**, 48 or 72 hour period.
  • STIB-MIVB season ticket: this pass offers you unlimited access for 1 month or 1 year on the entire STIB-MIVB network*.

To find out where you can buy the ticket you need, we also advise you to visit our website.

(* except the Bourget-Brussels Airport section of the Airport Line. A validated journey is valid for one hour. Before that time you can still use your validated card. After one hour a new journey will be validated. ** Tickets sold on board of our vehicles are only valid on the STIB-MIVB network.)

More information

If you want more information about our network, transport tickets or sales outlets, you can find all information on our website If you have a specific question, feel free to contact our Customer Care department. You can call us at ✆ 070 23 2000 every weekday from 7am to 7pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 4pm. You can also send us a message using the Contact page of our website or visit us on social media: or /lastib and Twitter (@STIBMIVB).


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