10 star objects from this year’s Fine Art Fair Eurantica

Ten star objects from this year’s Fine Art Fair Eurantica, in Mechelen from 18-26 March

Cobalt Blue Necklace by Maison Gripoix for Jean Patou, 1970
Ciel mes bijoux ! (Stand E15)
Ciel mes bijoux ! will present a superb array of multi-coloured jewels (€1200 to €5000) made from 1950–1970 by haute French costume jeweller Gripoix. This unique cobalt blue necklace, fashioned of poured glass, was created for fashion designer Jean Patou in 1970. 

Gilded Bronze Pendulum – The Fall of Phaethon
Gallery de Potter d’Indoye Antiquities (Stand A12)
A very prestigious pendulum (€87,000) from Consulate Era France depicting the myth of Jupiter striking Phaethon with a thunderbolt. Later clocks using bronzemaker Pierre-Etienne Romain’s design graced the offices of the French Ministers of Commerce and Foreign Affairs.  

Pair of Aloala Funeral Poles
Galerie Sisi Tatu (Stand B08)
This remarkable funeral pole, or ‘aloala’ (price on request) originates from Mahafaly, in southwest Madagascar. Aloala were placed on the tombs of important people, and featured abstract motifs representing their lives. Sisi Tatu is showing a couple: this one features birds. 

Félicien Rops – Léontine
Dus’Art Gallery (Stand B03)
Fashion-designer sisters Léontine and Aurélie Duluc were Rops’s lifelong companions. Léontine is rendered here in gouache on irregularly cut silk – a rare medium in Rops’s oeuvre, for which he drew on fabrics from the Dulucs’ couture house. Price on request.

Jean Ferrière – Gold and Precious Stones Flower Lapel Clip, c. 1960
Philippe Huret (Stand C01)
An ingenious lapel clip (price on demand) made of 18-carat gold and precious stones, and forming a flower whose filigreed petals open and shut via hinged petals – symbolising an open or closed heart. Ferrière worked for many prestigious houses on the Place Vendôme. 

Reimond Jozef Pieter Kimpe – Nude on The Quay, 1941
Claeys Gallery (Stand D21)
Artist and Flemish activist Kimpe was part of the expressionist second wave of the Latemse School, alongside Frits Van den Berghe. This oil on canvas (€25,000) was made a year after he lost 200 works in the bombing of Middelburg, where he was director of the art museum. 

Carla Tolomeo – Rosa Flower Chairs
Bie Baert (Stand H01)
Bie Baert is showing a pair of extraordinary flower-adorned chairs (price on request) by artist Carla Tolomeo, a pupil of Giorgio de Chirico. She began creating chair sculptures in 1997; today her work graces luxury hotels, as well as the homes of stars like Sophia Loren.

Pair of Terracotta Court Ladies with Long Braids
Ming-k’i Gallery (Stand A14)
This rare and ethereal pair of court-ladies (around €12,000 for both) dates from the first half of China’s Northern Wei dynasty (386-534). A rare example of a tomb furnishing from this period, it is also unusually refined, down to the ladies’ long braids fastened with a comb.

Afghan Rug with a World Map Motif
Galerie Emir (Stand B05)
Hand-woven in an atelier in Herat, near the Iran border, this hugely appealing contemporary carpet (€11,500) is made with hand-spun wool and natural dyes. The abstract world map motif and bold palette represent an unusual and wonderfully modern combination. 

Paul Delvaux – Nude 
NF Art Gallery (Stand A02)
Made between 1945 and1950, at the height of Delvaux’s powers, this exquisitely detailed Chinese ink drawing (€17,000) revisits the Surrealist’s fetish theme: the female nude. In contrast to his later, more austere women, the subject here is both fragile and strong. 


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