A guide to European schools in Brussels

European schools cater for the children of EU officials but all families can apply.

The curriculum is common to all 14 European schools in Europe, written and quality-assured by ministries of education of the 28 EU member states.

There are three categories of pupils: Category I are children of European officials, Category II are pupils with whom an individual school has contract with a local employer for school places and Category III are children of private individuals. The schools in Brussels mainly cater for Category I pupils while the school in Mol caters for all three.

The schools have various language sections. Teaching is in the language of the section and mother tongue in the case of Category I and II students. All pupils study one other language from year 1 of primary.

Brussels i
46 Avenue du Vert Chasseur
1180 Brussels

Brussels ii
75 Avenue Oscar Jespers, 1200 Brussels

Brussels iii
135 Boulevard du Triomphe
1050 Brussels

Brussels iiii
86 Drève Sainte-Anne, 1020 Brussels

The European School in Mol (Antwerp province) provides a multilingual and international education for 800 pupils, aged from three to 18. There are currently more than 50 nationalities at the school. From the age of three, all children receive tuition in the language
of their section (English, Dutch, French or German), and from the age of six, children can learn a second language. By the end of their secondary studies, pupils will have had the opportunity to study up to five languages, mainly taught by native speakers.
100 Europawijk, 2400 Mol (nursery/primary), (secondary)


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