When do I need to file my Belgian tax return?

Deadline day

The tax return on paper must be filed by 29 June. This means the tax return must hit the letterbox of the scanning centre in Jambes or in Ledeberg on that day. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Putting the tax return in the mail on the 28th may be too late.

If you forgot the deadline, you can file online until 13 July. Plan ahead; tax-On-Web tends to get overloaded. The tax office gives a forecast of the busy days. See here.

And if you are too late, you can always give a digital power of attorney to an accountant or tax adviser. He or she can file online until 26 October.

If you aren’t resident in Belgium, or if you have the expatriate tax status, the deadline will be set later, towards the end of September or October.

When do I receive my tax return?

The tax authorities have to send your tax return to you five weeks before the deadline, so you can expect to receive it by the middle of May.

It’s 10 June and I haven’t received it

If you filed your tax return online last year, the tax authorities will not send you a tax return. They assume that you want to continue filing online.

Otherwise, you should contact your local tax office and ask them to send you a form. If you have difficulties locating your tax office, check p.2 of last year’s tax bill, check the website of the Finance Ministry or call 0257 257 57. This is a call centre that answers most tax questions.

We received a simplified tax return

Retirees, people with an invalidity or unemployment allowance, or students over 18 who have some limited income don’t have to file a tax return. They receive a “proposal of a simplified tax return” that gives the information the taxman has on file and a calculation of the tax due.

Al you need to do is check that the information is correct. If this isn’t the case, you have to report missing information by 29 June – for example, you have to report that you have overseas bank accounts or insurance policies.

What if I’m late?

If you forget to file (or to sign online), you risk a penalty that can go up to €1,250 and a tax increase of 10 to 200%.

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