Receiving your Belgian income tax bill

Now that you have filed your tax return, all that you can do if wait for the tax man to send you the bill

The “avertissement extrait de role”/”aanslagbiljet” is really the tax bill for your 2016 income. ​This is what it looks like. If the tax bill is not sent before 30 June 2018, the taxman may have to pay back all withholding tax. 

If the calculation shows a reimbursement, you will receive that about two months later. And if you have to pay, you have about two months as well.

Receive the tax bill online

When you file your tax return online, you still receive your tax bill on paper. You can opt to receive it online as well, via Zoomit. Zoomit is a free service offered by most banks via their internet banking to manage (and pay) your invoices more easily. 

All you need to do – when you file your tax return – is click that you want to receive your bill via Zoomit.

Alternatively, you will always be able to find a copy of your tax bill (and all past tax bills) in your tax box, in MyMinFin, together with the tax return you filed online in the past (in pdf format).

Check it

If the bill was for several thousands of euros, you will probably have checked it. If, however, you saw that you will get some money back or that you will have to pay a few hundreds of euros, in two months’ time, you probably just put it on the pile of bills to be paid some time. 

In any event, I would advise you check it to make sure that there are no mistakes. Have they copied your figures correctly? Does the result seem OK? If you want to do the calculations again, try the calculation again on this Tax-calc. If you have questions, you can always call the local tax office and ask them to explain how they made their calculations.

The taxman has made a mistake?

If you disagree with the tax bill, try to talk with someone at your local tax office first. The address, the telephone number and the email address can be found on page 2 of the tax bill. If it is a simple mistake, they are often prepared to correct the mistake.

If you cannot convince them, you have to contest the tax bill by filing a “reclamation” or “bezwaar”


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