Alternative schooling options in Belgium


Acacia School and Alpha School (Groupe Scolaire Agnes School) are Catholic schools with a strong international dimension. They offer English-French and Dutch-French bilingual education by immersion at nursery/pre-primary (two to six) and primary level (six to 12), with a high-quality education that extends the family education ethos into the school. The schools benefit from a partnership with Fomento, an education institution with a global network of more than 100 schools. Individual tutoring for each pupil.
Acacia School, 143 Avenue Louis Hap, 1040 Brussels, 02.736.13.86
Alpha School, 101 Boulevard Louis Schmidt, 1040 Brussels, 0473.60.73.16

Schola Nova is an international private primary and secondary school with emphasis on learning Greek and Latin. The secondary curriculum lasts five years instead of six, with a maximum of 15 pupils in each class, and prepares pupils for national or international examinations. The school offers boarding facilities. Courses are in English, Latin and Dutch. There is theatre and music in the school. Other language options are available: Spanish, Italian,
German, Hebrew and Arabic.
100 Chaussée de Namur, 1315 Incourt
0474 53 96 31

Jewish schools in Brussels include the Athénée Ganenou, which provides an open-minded Jewish programme with nursery, kindergarten, primary and secondary education. English is offered from primary school onwards. The school has high academic standards.
3 Rue du Melkriek, 1180 Brussels

Vlaams-Nederlandse Basisschool Prinses Juliana, the oldest foreign school in Brussels (1901), offers the standard Dutch curriculum adjusted to Flemish law for primary school, for children aged from two-and-a-half to 12. The school has a caring atmosphere and the teachers pay special attention to pupils with special needs. Good academic standards and foreign-language teaching guarantee a smooth passage to European, Dutch and Flemish secondary schools.
19 Rue d’Oultremont, 1040 Brussels

Agnes School is a catholic Belgian school with a strong international dimension. In the heart of Brussels, Agnes School offers parents an educative project with guaranteed personal development and academic excellence for each child, as well as a Christian vision of family and life. Nursery in French from 20 monthsold. From 3 to 12 years old, immersion bilingual classes in French/English or French/Dutch official diploma at end of schooling. The school benefits from a partnership with Cambridge University.
143 Rue Louis Hap, 1040 Brussels

Several alternative schools follow the teaching methods of Célestin Freinet, who in 1920 started a school in France in which children were involved in their natural surroundings and village life. Writing and grammar are learnt through free expression or making reports on projects. These schools usually offer kindergarten and primary-level education (to age 12).

1 Place Félix Govaert, 1160 Brussels

40 Avenue Notre-Dame
1140 Brussels,

11 Avenue des Arts
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve,

Ecole Decroly was founded by Belgian pedagogue Decroly. From kindergarten to secondary level; state-subsidised. Teaching is in French.
45 Drève des Gendarmes, 1180 Brussels

Ecole Hamaïde was founded in 1934 by Amélie Hamaïde, a disciple of Decroly, but the school provides only kindergarten and primary. Teaching is in French; state-subsidised.
31 Avenue Hamoir, 1180 Brussels

L’Ecole Ouverte also follows the Decroly system. The school is state-subsidised and runs kindergarten and primarylevel classes for two-and-a half to 12-year-olds.
6 Chemin de Strins, 1380 Ohain

Belgium has several Rudolf Steiner schools. Run collectively, they aim to turn out ‘complete and well-balanced’ children with a strong inner moral sense. Great importance is attached at kindergarten and primary levels to music, the visual and manual arts and rhythmic activities.

14 Sintjanskruidlaan, 1070 Brussels

7 Privaatweg, 3018 Leuven-Wijgmaal (nursery, primary) (secondary)

29 Pater Dupierreuxlaan
3080 Tervuren

La Ferme Blanche
18 Rue de la Quenique
1490 Court-Saint-Etienne,


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