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Freelance as main occupation

To work as a freelance in Belgium, two formalities must be completed: 

  • Registration with the Trade Registry (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises) and with the VAT authorities. To this end, you must prove that you have entrepreneurial skills through a diploma or a professional experience. Access to the profession is also required to perform some particular activities.
  • Affiliation with a social insurance fund for self-employed workers. 

Freelance as secondary occupation

As an employee, you may also work as a freelance on top of your main occupation. Same formalities apply as for full-time freelances, namely registration with the Trade Registry and for VAT and affiliation with a social insurance fund. If the employment contract comes to an end, the employee has the choice between stopping his freelance occupation or becoming freelance as a main occupation.

If you are a non-EU national, and not from Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein you must also hold a professional card.

If you want to become freelance or to know more about the formalities and documents needed, contact a one-stop-shop for businesses:


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