Climbing the career ladder, thanks to new management skills

Sponsored: Stuck in the proverbial rut at work? Perhaps earning a Master of Business Administration degree, which boosts your skills, enhances your business acumen and broadens your network, is what you need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Other people's Monday morning blues? You may secretly make fun of them, but here you are sitting idly behind your laptop screen, discovering that you're procrastinating too often. Tasks and objectives you used to find exciting have become tedious, you have started coveting the prospect of Friday evenings and dreading the start of the new week. Something's changed; perhaps you've become one of the many employees worldwide that regard themselves as stuck in the proverbial rut: a period in your career when you feel that you're not really going anywhere in your job. Most surveys on the subject cite as many as 20% of the existing workforce in western economies as being unhappy in their jobs at some point.

The good news is that there are many ways to get out of this lethargy. Maybe you should network more or update your CV to boost your employability? You might need to do some soul-searching, taking a good look at your goals and ambitions and how your current employment helps you reach them. When later in life you look back at this period, maybe you'll regard it as one of the most crucial and productive episodes in your professional life; the one where you pushed yourself to make a fresh start. Employees in this situation may choose to go back to school in order to boost their career. And for many of them, attaining a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree may be the right way forward. 

Opening a door  

Pursuing an MBA costs money (tuition fees at Vlerick, for example, are €38,000 for a full-time MBA and €39,500 for an Executive MBA), and it takes time  —  12 to 18 months depending on the format you choose.  

But first and foremost, it's an investment in yourself. Just by pursuing an MBA, and then earning it, you indicate to your employer, future employer, or future clients should self-employment be the way on your career path that you have no problem breaking out of your comfort zone, and that you quite literally mean business.

Boosting your career with an MBA is also your best bet for attaining freedom in the way you want to fast forward your career. You'll have more leeway to switch to another function, a completely new sector, or even another country, as the career and skill level you demonstrate through an MBA is recognised worldwide. As the late and great Joan Rivers once said, "If I can't make it through one door, I'll go through another door or I'll make a door." An MBA may be your way to build your own proverbial door and boost your career.

Climbing the career ladder with new management skills

Why follow an MBA? Discover the benefits. 

There are directly assignable benefits to pursuing an MBA degree, such as expanding your network. Many other professionals coming from diverse fields of business, executive levels and even other countries, are following the same classes. Furthermore, earning an MBA changes your way of thinking and acting. You'll have a more holistic focus on your market, your product, your company, and on business itself. It will make you more valuable for future employers, clients, investors and other stakeholders.

Create that door and see what happens. Maybe you'll change employment, start taking more calls from recruiters, finally make the leap to starting your own business. Or maybe you'll even start to think you'll be just fine with your current employer. An MBA will get you to a position where yourpersonal development and leadership skills make you stand out for new opportunities higher up the ladder, whatever your starting point is. Sometimes, just climbing a couple of steps higher offers you the autonomy and creative impulses you need to push forward. And if you were stuck in a routine, your new qualification and experience could help you advance on a corporate and personal level whereby even your current job becomes much more interesting.



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